Sunshine Social development organization is nongovernmental, nonpolitical, nonprofit making social organization. It has been established in 2053 Bs as a Youth Organization by some local Youths of Dhankauli VDC, Kapilvastu, Nepal and registered in district administration office in 1998 AD (2055 BS) under the organization act 2034 BS.
It is affiliated with social welfare council and NGO federation Kapilvastu. Since its establishment working in the field of extreme poverty especially for dalit, janjati, women, and children and source less people who are deprived from basic needs health, education and drinking water are excluded from main stream of society.
It has started supporting the community by organizing as a CBOs and facilitating with local knowledge and resources.
Most of the program of SSDO is centering on where living standard and level of awareness is more vulnerable.
Well Competitive and prosperous society.
Organize backward community in groups, community organization (COs) and clubs and strengthen their capacity for project planning, implementation, supervision, monitoring and evaluation.
Capable society that will manage its basic needs and fundamental rights through maximum use of local resources
To promote local initiation and awareness for basic and quality education to the target community
To support the community for health and reproductive health
To make rigorous effort for social inclusion and gender equity
To establish electronic and printing media for good information and news for mass public
To support local initiation for social, economic and community development
To support the community for fundamental rights and good governance through advocacy
To support in environment protection and promote quality technology transfer for growth of agricultural products.
Working strategy:
Pressure and Partnership with line agencies
Maximum mobilization and utilization of local resources.
Networking, coordination and cooperation with likeminded for development.